Article By: Akiva Clark

November 7, 2019
According to the 2019 CyberEdge Cyberthreat Defense Report,  91% of attacks against small- to medium-sized businesses start with some form of phishing or delivery of the attack vector via email.
Defending and monitoring your email with advanced email protection, a multi-pronged approach that uses both static and dynamic defenses to block malicious email, is vital. These capabilities prevent attacks that tend to be consistently and alarmingly successful against most businesses from reaching your users in the first place.
Static protection such as email Blacklists and dynamic protection such as Sandboxing are both effective methods on their own. Using them together in an integrated tool will significantly reduce your vulnerability exposure and increase your security posture against the primary method most attackers use to get to you and your company, regardless of the attacker’s intent and background.

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