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Government Cybersecurity Solutions & Services

All-Threat Zero Trust Architecture

A Multi-Tiered Strategy for Multi-Tiered Threats

Zero Trust is a data-centric cybersecurity model for access management employed without trusting the operating environment. In an ideal world, a true Zero Trust cybersecurity system could be the only cybersecurity system you need, as you are collecting all data and using it to make every access decision. The unfortunate truth is that, currently, that kind of data collection, curation, and analysis to drive accurate decisions on every interaction can be messy, inefficient, and exploited. This doesn’t mean that Zero Trust is without merit, only that it should not be your sole cybersecurity strategy. And with Ardalyst, it isn’t. By bringing an All Threat Strategy to Zero Trust Architecture, our unique approach helps customers achieve cyber resiliency to improve business functionality and implement a strong cyber defense.

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SOCs of the Future

Next-Generation Protection for Next-Level Threats

Medici Moons is a next-generation SOC design that addresses the need for greater threat awareness, validation, rapid response, and remediation by improving the collection, curation, and analysis of information to arm security teams with actionable intelligence for better preparation for today -and tomorrow’s- cybersecurity risk. With its multiple SOCs, advanced sensors, and numerous potential technical innovations, the Medici Moons design will show that new technologies and updated tactics, techniques, and procedures will change the way we think about the future of cyber defense.

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Cyber Program Design & Implementation

Comprehensive, Expert-Driven, Cybersecurity Programs

Our team views organizational cyber program design holistically; that is, we align our customer requirements with the best practices that we espouse. To focus your cybersecurity strategy and achieve your compliance and maturity goals, we suggest viewing the problem through the following lenses:

  • Govern your organization
  • Harden your systems
  • Defend against threats
  • Operate support capabilities
  • Transform your environment
  • Validate your program
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