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Being an Ardalyst

A combination of the words ardent and catalyst, Ardalysts are passionate change agents in the digital security space dedicated to helping our clients turn uncertainty into understanding when it comes to their cyber hygiene and posture. We pride ourselves in being a flat organization where anyone can effect change and share their ideas directly with leadership and our team-oriented approach that focuses on identifying individuals’ strengths and putting them in a position where they can shine.

Our Values

Question. Learn. Teach.

Ardalysts are fast learners who are eager to get into the details. We read the footnotes and the references. We experiment in labs. We want to know everything we can. And when we do, we make sure our peers and our customers understand as well.

Build. Measure. Iterate.

We make things happen! Whether independently or collaboratively, an Ardalyst creates a plan and sees it through. We make the attempt, and then we persevere. We can manage ourselves, which is why we have so much flexibility in our work day.

Plan. Collaborate. Achieve.

Innovation is a science as well as an art. Ardalysts dive in and put solutions in place instead of waiting for perfection. We automate to create efficiencies. Then we see how it works and make it better.

What We Do

Speak Our Minds

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do and our belief in diversity of people supports our goal for diversity in thought. Come ready to contribute because we're ready to hear it.

Get It Done, Remotely

COVID-19 isn't driving our remote policy. We always trust you to work where you want, when you want because the goals you meet matter more than the location of your seat.

Focus On Our Strengths

We invest in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each member of our team so that you can shine at what YOU do best.


Ardalysts have cited being encouraged to take educated risk, kick-start progress, and advance their skills as one of their favorite things about working at Ardalyst and we're determined to keep it that way.

Current Openings

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    Perks & Benefits

    How can we put our people first without...
    Remote Work Flexiblity
    401(k) Matching
    Medical Insurance
    Company-Paid Life Insurance
    Company-Paid Disability Insurance
    Paid Time Off
    Flexible Hours
    Competitive Pay & Bonus Plan
    Training & Support
    Paid Holidays
    Referral Program
    Sabbatical Leave
    Parental Leave
    Company-Paid Trips
    Great People

    Straight from Ardalysts' Mouths

    We're encouraged to take educated and balanced risks - we try to learn from our mistakes rather than be penalized for them.
    Technical Support
    The best parts about being an Ardalyst are the people, being able to see and know the impact I'm making, and the flexibility and the work I do being more important than where I do it.
    Marketing & Communications
    It's a flat organization, so I can share my ideas right with leadership and know I'm being heard.
    Customer Success
    The vision for Ardalyst is a real benefit to our industry, our country, and the future of human beings at large. It's about protecting information in the Information Age, and helping people understand how that process works.
    Product Development
    Productive conflict. I don't have to work hard to make my voice heard, and I know that when I speak, my colleagues will listen. They may not agree, but they will listen and take what I have to say seriously. Respectful and productive argument is not only possible but encouraged - because that's how innovation happens.
    Marketing & Communications
    There are plenty of opportunities to learn and advance yourself in areas you don't yet have skills or experience.
    Technical Support
    It's very team oriented and doesn't pit employees against each other like some other places I've worked.
    Product Development & Customer Success
    Vulnerability is encouraged, which is great. You don't have to be shy about what you do and don't know and what you do and don't value around here.
    Customer Success
    The schedule is flexible. It's nice to be able to go to a doctors appointment without having to use a lot of PTO.
    Product Development
    The leadership is sincere about this, and everyone in the organization is authentically growing, learning, and teaching all at the same time. There are some organizations where you just feel in your gut that this is where positive change comes from. We're transparent and honest about what we don't know and what we can't do, and we're undaunted by the unknown and the uncertain.
    Product Development
    ANYONE can create change in this organization. And it's not just because it's a small organization. I honestly don't think I've ever worked in a place where change was embraced and not actively fought against.
    Marketing & Communications
    I love the focus on putting employees in a position where their strengths can shine and provide the most value (and, generally, the greatest job satisfaction). But, you also have the opportunity, always, to take on new things and build on both strengths and weaknesses if that's what you want to do. It's an incredible place to grow (and I certainly have done so in the last three years).
    Customer Success