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Mandiant Advantage

Threat Intelligence

Empower your team with unparalleled frontline cyber threat intelligence to understand and proactively protect against the latest, most relevant threats facing your organization. Access breach intelligence before it is made publicly available to stay ahead of attackers.

  •      Informed Decision Making
  •      Optimize Risk Reduction
  •      Improve Detection & Response
  •      Integrate with Detection Tools
Threat Intelligence

Expert Insight & Context

Search threats and source context directly from your dashboard. Mandiant Advantage customers also get daily news from the experts to help you determine what's happening around you, what you need to know, which news to trust, and why.
Threat Insight
Real-time Threat Intelligence

Real-Time Intelligence & Analysis

The unique approach to Mandiant's data intelligence gathering, research, curation, and dissemination gives your business unmatched visibility. With the experts at Mandiant continuously analyzing records and categorizing threat actors, your get continuous transparency into the very latest threat information, long before public release.

Automated Defense

Triage security alerts from your security stack at machine speed, scale, and consistency using data science and machine learning. Automatically eliminate events that dont' matter to reveal the ones that do.

  •      Investigate Threats That Matter
  •      Simplify Security Operations
  •      Unify Your Security Data
Automated Defense

Accelerated Incident Detection

Mandiant Advantage's built-in Mandiant Intel Grid helps your team work quicker and smarter with better alert analysis for fewer false positives and monotonous tasks.
Mandiant Advantage
Mandiant Advantage

Stop Attacks and Save Money

Quickly stop attacks before they impact your business. Mandiant Advantage's Automated Defense solution offers scalable detection and response capabilities that helps your team do what they do best while improving your security posture and mitigating costly breaches.

Security Validation

Validate and continuously measure the effectiveness of your cybersecurity controls. Identify and implement opportunities for improvement, rationalize your security investment and remove duplicate or outdated security tools.

  •      Access Threat Intelligence
  •      Test Comprehensively
  •      Prevent Environmental Drift
Mandiant Advantage - Security Validation

Test Your Security Effectiveness

Mandiant Advantage's Security Validation provides the continuous cybersecurity validation that your business needs to ensure that everything is in place and functioning properly to reduce your risk exposure and identify areas for improvement
Mandiant Advantage Security Validation
Mandiant Advantage

Manage Your Risk Exposure

Leveraging Mandiant Intel Grid, get instant visibility into your cybersecurity program performance to effectively report on your security posture and overall competency to prioritize risk and improve your approach.

Why Purchase Through Ardalyst

Microsoft Gold Security Partner

Ardalyst is your best-in-class Microsoft Gold Security Partner with a CMMC pledge to help our customers meet and evolve with CMMC regulations.

Cost Effective & Comprehensive

Ardalyst will work with you to provide a solution that is the right price, fit, and timeline tailored to meeting your compliance requirements.

Integration Expertise

Years of program design, application development, and integration experience for a modernized, protected environment to secure and streamline your operations.

Ardalyst's Cybersecurity Program Managed Services

Add-on a cost-effective, comprehensive program to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance for a strong cyber defense for your organization

Flexible Invoicing

Payment plan options available to help you reach your compliance goals within your budget.

Pay for What You Need, Nothing You Don't

Remediate the gaps in your cyber program with the applications and tools you need to tailor your program to your unique business objectives.

Per User, Per Month

Flexible monthly options allow you to not only easily manage your payments but scale your licenses as your business grows.

As a Mandiant partner, we leverage their industry-leading blend of threat intelligence, automated defense, and security validation tools in their Mandiant Advantage solution to help our customers protect their enterprise across various threats, access actionable intelligence for better, faster critical decision making, and face cyber threats with confidence.

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