Learning From NBA and Microsoft Teams

A Look at the New Normal

Many people are becoming familiar with the phrase, “The New Normal.” We are constantly adapting in the effort to overcome the trials of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the workplace, many companies are adapting to the new normal through what was once called “telework.” Now it’s just “work.”  

The capability and functionality of Microsoft Teams has made these transitions and adaptations more seamless…so much so that many companies are realizing that there may be merit in keeping this new normal of remote work even after the pandemic subsides. Will attendance at professional sporting events follow suit? The NBA basketball season resumed last week without any fans in attendance.  But much like other workplaces around the world, people ARE in attendance. They are just working remotely.  Each game played in the NBA’s “bubble” features 17-foot tall LED screens, wrapping three sides of the arena, showing images of more than 300 fans using the new Together Mode in Microsoft Teams.

How Teams Helps

Microsoft Teams uses AI segmentation technology to put meeting participants on a shared virtual background – in this case a virtual stand at a basketball court. The goal is to make it easier to maintain eye contact or register participants’ emotions as they react to what’s happening. 

When you think about it, wouldn’t these features be valuable at large corporate meetings? Or perhaps class presentations for major colleges and universities going virtual for the Fall semester?

This venture into a more experiential version of the old school “telework” comes at a critical time as corporate and digital transformation companies and leaders are figuring out how to keep their employees not only safe during the pandemic but ENGAGED.

By using Teams, you can manage, automate and assess compliance measures, stay productive and remain connected while working remotely, and develop clearer insights into your data. And as the NBA is showing, Teams can take the next step by making it easier to maintain eye contact and convey emotions. Whether in the NBA bubble, a company meeting or a college classroom, this capability will help bring your team together.

Make the Switch

If better functionality and engagement paired with security and long-term suitability is what your company is after, than there is no better time to learn more about Microsoft Teams. We can help.

Ardalyst is a Microsoft Gold partner, providing powerful, enterprise-class computing and cyber resilience to organizations of all sizes. Microsoft cloud services, such as Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure offer cutting-edge cyber defense technology, including data protection, monitoring for compliance and audit support and performance rating. 

Ardalyst is dedicated to replacing uncertainty around remote work and cybersecurity solutions with understanding. Good cyber defense or digital performance doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to implement. Sign up today for a free planning session and take advantage of options to save. 

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