10 Reasons Why Microsoft 365 E5 Licenses Are the Best for Effective Cybersecurity

Today’s organizations need a new security model that more effectively adapts to the complexity of the modern environment, embraces the hybrid workplace, and protects people, devices, apps, and data wherever they’re located.

For Cloud Only and Cloud/On-Premise hybrid environments, a comprehensive cybersecurity program will help you effectively manage and protect all your devices and identities, no matter where people work.

Achieving an environment that is both hardened by security policy implementation and defended by a combination of robust tools and trained analysts begins with the right Enterprise License plan. Microsoft 365 E5 licenses provide an all-encompassing solution that goes beyond traditional security measures. Let’s delve into what Microsoft 365 E5 is and the 10 features and benefits that make it the best option for cybersecurity.

Understanding Microsoft 365 E5

Microsoft 365 E5 licenses provide a comprehensive suite of tools and services that enhance the security and compliance capabilities of organizations. By adopting Microsoft 365 E5, businesses gain access to an array of advanced features that protect against cyber threats and ensure data integrity. These licenses provide an extensive range of security solutions, including threat protection, data loss prevention, advanced security analytics, and compliance and governance features. Here are ten compelling reasons why Microsoft 365 E5 is the best option for cybersecurity:

Managing Devices with Intune

Microsoft 365 E5 allows for seamless management of devices through Microsoft Intune. This feature enables organizations to enforce security policies, remotely wipe data, and ensure devices accessing company resources are compliant and secure.

Using Thick Client Apps

Microsoft 365 E5 licenses provide access to the full suite of thick client apps, including Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive. These desktop apps offer enhanced functionality and performance while maintaining robust security measures.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Support

With Microsoft 365 E5, organizations can configure Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps (MDCA) to operate as a CASB. This allows for a robust and secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution by monitoring and protecting data access from various devices.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Microsoft 365 E5 enables organizations to leverage mobile application management features, ensuring secure access and data protection on managed and unmanaged mobile devices, enabling seamless business continuity without compromising security.

Azure Active Directory Premium P2 (AADP2) License Integration

Microsoft 365 E5 licenses come with Azure Active Directory Premium P2 (AADP2) license, allowing for seamless integration with AAD Identity Protection. Leveraging this integration enhances logging capabilities and provides advanced protection for account passwords, strengthening overall security measures.

Windows 10 Pro Device Protection

Microsoft 365 E5 includes Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) to protect Windows 10 Pro devices. This provides an additional layer of security, safeguarding devices used to access Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) data.

Document Collaboration with Device Downloads

Microsoft 365 E5 allows users to download documents to their devices for offline collaboration. Your business can enjoy greater flexibility and convenience without relying solely on web-based access, ensuring data accessibility and security.

Redundancy for Business Continuity

With Microsoft 365 E5, organizations benefit from redundancy during outages. In the event of an issue with the Teams app, users can seamlessly switch to the web version, and vice versa. This ensures uninterrupted access to critical communication and collaboration tools.

Expanded Mailbox Size

Microsoft 365 E5 provides a 100GB mailbox, surpassing the limitations of other license options. The larger mailbox capacity allows users to store more data securely, accommodating the growing needs of modern businesses.

Win10 Enterprise License Inclusion

Microsoft 365 E5 includes a Windows 10 Enterprise license so you can upgrade your Windows 10 Pro endpoint, offering organizations the opportunity to upgrade their machines. The Windows 10 Enterprise license enhances the security and compatibility of devices, ensuring they meet the latest industry standards.

How Ardalyst Can Help

Microsoft 365 E5 licenses offer a wide range of advanced security features and we’ve only scratched the surface. If you’re looking to understand more about how Microsoft 365 E5 can deliver a robust and holistic solution to address the evolving cybersecurity challenges faced by your business, take advantage of our free offers below.

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