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Cyber Program Design

Design and build your cybersecurity program with the help of Ardalyst's 100+ years of combined cybersecurity expertise. Ensure your program is able to address your unique risks and vulnerabilities without compromising your business's efficiency, productivity, or bottom line. While many program providers provide ``off-the-shelf`` programs, Ardalyst can optimize beyond compliance to meet your expectations and customer requirements, while ensuring your program fits your business and overall cybersecurity and IT needs.
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Concept of Operations/Concept of Employment

Our goal is simple, to replace uncertainty with understanding. Our Concept of Operations/Concept of Employment services thoroughly outline our proposed solutions so that you can be confident in your investment. Our ConOps documentation is written to explain everything your team needs to know from start to finish. We dive deep into explaining goals and objectives to ensure they are aligned with what matters most to you and outline strategies, tactics, policies, procedures, and much more to give clear, actionable guidance for your team, from program inception to retirement.
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SOC Engineering

Ardalyst's SOC Engineering services start by understanding your business operations to design and build a centralized resource for effectively monitoring, detecting, analyzing, and addressing cyber threats across all tiers. Our experts leverage their years of experience in both designing and managing SOCs to give you maximum visibility into your network so that you can better manage vulnerabilities and defend your organization's security posture in real time.
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Incident Remediation

Ardalyst's Incident Remediation services round out our comprehensive offering to ensure that you have the help you need on the bad days, just as much as the good. We'll work hand-in-hand with you to conduct the necessary triage to help you understand what's happening, quickly and effectively move against threats, and mitigate damages.
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