Security Operations Centers (SOCs) of the Future

Medici Moons

Next-Generation Protection for Next-Level Threats

The cybersecurity threat landscape is ever changing and we need solutions that can combat the cunning and opportunistic adversaries that are eager to exploit the shortcomings in our defense systems. With the recent cyber incident that shut down the Colonial Pipeline for several days and the subsequent Executive Order, there is now a greater demand for attention to cybersecurity measures that can stand up to our adversaries and evolve to meet the challenge of changing threat vectors. Today's Security Operations Centers (SOCs) also need to be able to protect us in the world we live in today, meaning hybrid IT infrastructures, complex and growing multi-tenant/multi-site enterprises and networks, and cloud-based environments.

SOCs of the Future

Introducing Medici Moons

Medici Moons is a next-generation SOC design that addresses the need for greater threat awareness, validation, rapid response, and remediation by improving the collection, curation, and analysis of information to arm security teams with actionable intelligence for better preparation for today -and tomorrow’s- cybersecurity risk. With its multiple SOCs, advanced sensors, and numerous potential technical innovations, the Medici Moons design will show that new technologies and updated tactics, techniques, and procedures will change the way we think about the future of cyber defense.

Named after the Galilean moons that surround Jupiter, Medici Moons reflects the innovative spirit that the great astronomer showed when he developed a high-powered telescope to view these previously unknown objects. But, instead of looking into actual space, we’re able to see things that are happening in cyberspace that could adversely impact a data center.

Medici Moons

The Concept

Medici Moons includes a distributed, operational-level cybersecurity operations center (CSOC) which manages and receives data from the tactical-level CSOC. The tactical CSOC is made up of an active, low-side enclave that provides initial collection and automated response, as well as a secondary passive, high-side enclave that provides out-of-band collection activities.

The design integrates the best of various levels of capabilities across physical and software-defined architectures to allow for a rapid threat response while automatically mitigating threats across physical, virtualized, and cloud-based infrastructures. It also provides actionable intelligence that lets teams anticipate, withstand, recover, and evolve from attacks.

SOCs of the Future

Key Innovations


Integrating two world-class commercial systems into a globally-scalable architecture that can not only enable threat detection in real-time but also rapidly and automatically apply mitigations in traffic or throughout the system to protect and defended its constituent networks and itself.


Pair hard-to-detect, passive TAPs with configurable active TAPs that can shift from in-line/active-blocking to out-of-band/passive-collecting in a resilient and defendable fight-through capability across a physical, virtualized, and cloud-based infrastructure.

Threat Informed

Integrate the best unclassified and classified knowledge of threat applied to networks and missions into a unified see of capabilities that can collect, curate, and analyze data; validate configurations against specific threats; and visualize awareness and understanding worthy of an innovative SOC design.


A resilient architecture able to anticipate, withstand, recover, and evolve through various adversarial cyber events.

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Cyber Defense Technology

Integrated Capabilities
Trellix Partner
Security Operations Platform

Next-generation security orchestration integrated with the leading commercial Threat and Victim Intelligence-based Analytics and Signatures provider into a single platform.

Cloud Technology

Integrates into on-premise or private cloud infrastructure

Mandiant Partner
Security Validation

Operationalizes threat intelligence to validate defense against known threat actors and manage risk.

Gigamon Partner
Security Delivery & Visibility Platforms

Visibility from physical, virtual, and on- and off-premises cloud environments to FireEye and other security appliances for inspection, collection, or blocking on a global scale

Passive TAPs

Send data from low side to high side in lieu of a Cross Domain Solution

Portable Encryption

NSA-certified solution for encrypted mobile communication of highly classified information

SIEM/SOAR Platform

Big Data SIEM, automation, and behavior analysis capabilities deployable as physical, virtual, cloud, hosted, or hybrid environments

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