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Outsourcing & Staffing

Must-have expertise from highly qualified and reliable staff.

Staff with Ardalyst

Our mission is to replace uncertainty with understanding and with your Ardalyst sourced staff, you can be certain that they are highly qualified, highly motivated, and ready to get the job done. We work hand-in-hand with you to understand both your goals and your vacancies while leveraging our years of cybersecurity expertise to make sure we not only retain the right level of skill but the right fit for your organization.
Vetted by the Experts

Our staffing approach is backed by our more than 100 years of combined cybersecurity expertise which means our recruits are screened by a team of experts who know exactly what it takes to be successful.

Serving Major Cities & Beyond

Ardalyst has a presence in major cities across the United States like Washington D.C., Fort Meade, San Diego, Seattle, and Denver, with an ever larger remote network to meet your on- and off-premise staffing needs.

Quick & Qualified

Leveraging our extensive network of cleared cyber professionals we can quickly fill tough positions with highly skilled and motivated resources without the added stress and expenses that come with procuring security clearances.

Ready with Who you Need Most

Experience quickly filling commonly requested technical positions like: Cyber Program/Project Director, Principals Cyber Systems Engineer, Computer System Analyst, & much more.

Ardalyst's Proven Approach to Outsourcing & Staffing

1. Outreach & Recruiting

We partner with you to truly understand your requirements for each role to ensure we provide the right skill and cultural fit. With this deep understanding, we leverage our cybersecurity expertise as well as our DoD experience to find qualified candidates amongst our industry connections, online recruiting resources, and professional associations to put together a pool of talent for the next step in our approach.

2. Screening

We work hard to narrow the pool of prospective talent to the ones we feel are the best fit for the job. Our team provides preliminary review and screening of each candidate, including background checks, verification of clearance, and ready an even more qualified list of prospects for the next step.

3. Interviews

Our team of experts works together to review resumes and prepare a list of candidates for either an in-depth phone screen, virtual or face-to-face interview. During the interviews, our team assesses not only the prospect’s qualifications but their personality to determine a good cultural fit for better performance, cohesiveness, and employee retention.

4. Offer & Negotiation

We found the right one and they accepted! We then work with you to extend an offer, handle any necessary negotiations, and determine a start date for your new team member. We also handle the administrative documentation and help initiate any necessary onboarding requirements to make sure your new relationship is off to a great start.

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