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The time to improve your organization’s cybersecurity has come. From the increase in federal cybersecurity regulations, the frightening headlines, and that fear of what a cybersecurity breach would mean for your data and your business, building the right cybersecurity program means increased capabilities, a stronger defense, and ultimately, your confidence. Ardalyst specializes in delivering that confidence with a variety of solutions, services, and even discount rates on industry-leading cybersecurity software to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity program or augment your existing program to ensure you can successfully operate in today’s digital world.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Programs

Growing businesses often struggle with being able to afford the necessary resources and expertise it takes to properly build, manage, and evolve their cybersecurity program internally. Tesseract, a comprehensive managed cybersecurity program solution, delivers the expertise, the technology, and the support growing businesses need to deploy an enterprise-grade cybersecurity program at prices that fit your budget.
Tesseract Managed Services combines a variety of services into a single, cost-effective, comprehensive program to help you achieve and maintain regulatory compliance and develop a strong cyber defense for your organization. Tesseract delivers the resources of a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), Managed Service Provider (MSP), Managed Defense & Response (MDR), Compliance Consulting Services (vCISO), and Compliance Management Software all in one, proven solution.

Managed Cybersecurity Services to Enhance Your Program

Advisory Services

Advisory Services provide the helpful hand your business needs to guide you through developing and maintaining your cybersecurity program. Leverage Ardalyst’s experienced Program Advisors (PA) to guide you through your cybersecurity program providing the right services to make your program a success.

  • Advice and guidance on managing your cybersecurity program
  • Coordination and management of your compliant capabilities
  • Facilitation of governance activities
  • Delivery and discussion of reports and performance metrics
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Detection & Response Services

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services offer vulnerability scanning and monitoring, detection, and response services capabilities to provide you a variety of risk and threat mitigation tools for your cybersecurity program. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a team of cybersecurity experts helping you to:

  • Scan vulnerabilities – prioritize and recommend patches
  • Monitor logs, report on system issues, and recommend remediations
  • Develop an Incident Response Plan
  • Improve your cybersecurity program with regular advisory workshops
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Enclave Activation & Migration

We’ll help you configure select Microsoft capabilities, before any policy development, that form a foundation for an enclave that is fully compliant with your selected regulatory framework. Our secure enclaves provide encryption of both your storage and network data for simple, yet comprehensive security.

  • Advisory services
  • Data migration
  • Test, verify, and configure records and user accounts
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