Ardalyst Executive Discussion and Table Top Exercise Facilitation Is A Cost-Effective Business Investment

Have you ever tried to engineer a seemingly complex business solution but had too many people working the problem, the wrong people working the problem, or people trying to use an ineffective process?  How much money and stress did this cost you?  Were you able to accomplish the required mission on time, early, on budget, even under budget?  Is that possible in today’s defense, federal, and commercial markets with the compliance and digital risk considerations we face daily?  Or were you the recipient of expensive fast talk, meaningless products, and incomplete outcomes?

At Ardalyst, the mission must succeed.  Business must be optimized.  The customer’s innovative ideas must be heard through informed and expert facilitation.  Over the last six months, Ardalyst delivered a revolutionary next generation cybersecurity Concept of Employment (CONEMP) for the U.S. Navy with multiple partners and representatives. This extraordinary success was accomplished through organizing and facilitating a series of Table Top discussions in various Fleet concentration areas with a consistent Ardalyst team of experts building trust and relationships with all involved.

A pivotal aspect of Ardalyst Table Top facilitation includes processes to ensure stakeholders are heard and difficult topics are addressed calmly, briefly and with respect. Due to Ardalyst’s recognized experience with cyber operations, personnel working the CONEMP felt comfortable providing candid feedback, concerns, and solutions.  Relationships were built well before the Table Tops and strengthened throughout the facilitation and delivery of the CONEMP.  The outcome was a comprehensive CONEMP for a cyber platform that will better inform and protect our Navy’s cyber defense program.  Through facilitated collaboration, the personnel and organizations involved felt the CONEMP was truly their product.  It is theirs, ultimately.  That feeling of ownership and pride in this urgent successful outcome and many others remains Ardalyst’s hallmark.

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