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As a long-time FireEye partner, we leverage their extensive suite of industry-leading enterprise security tools to help protect your business across key threat vectors, better defend against relevant adversaries, and improve your cybersecurity posture with a cyber defense you can be confident in.


Helix Security Platform

FireEye Helix is a cloud-hosted security operations platform that allows organizations to take control of any incident from alert to fix. Available with any FireEye solution, FireEye Helix integrates your security tools and augments them with next-generation SIEM, orchestration and threat intelligence capabilities to capture the untapped potential of security investments. Designed by security experts, for security experts, it empowers security teams to efficiently conduct primary functions, such as alert management, search, analysis, investigations and reporting.

  • Next-Gen Event Management & Behavioral Analysis
  • Advanced Threat Detection
  • Accelerated Incident Response
FireEye Helix

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Email Security

FireEye Email Security can reduce cost and increase employee productivity through a single email security solution that minimizes the risk of costly breaches caused by advanced email attacks. Deployed in the cloud, FireEye Email Security is a fully featured secure email gateway that leads the industry in identifying, isolating, and immediately stopping URL, impersonation, and attachment-based attacks, before they enter an organization’s environment. With auto remediate for Office 365, emails that become retroactively malicious after delivery to an user’s inbox can be extracted. FireEye Email Security also scans outgoing email traffic for advanced threats, spam and viruses.

  • Protection Against Advanced Threats
  • Adapt to Changing Email Threat Landscape
  • Improve Productivity
FireEye Email Security

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Network Security & Forensics

FireEye Network Security is an effective cyber threat protection solution that helps organizations minimize the risk of costly breaches by accurately detecting and immediately stopping advanced, targeted and other evasive attacks hiding in Internet traffic. It facilitates efficient resolution of detected security incidents in minutes with concrete evidence, actionable intelligence and response workflow integration. With FireEye Network Security, organizations are effectively protected against today’s threats whether they exploit Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X operating systems, or application vulnerabilities; are directed at the headquarters or branch offices; or are hidden in a large volume of inbound Internet traffic that has to be inspected in real time.

  • Detect What Others Miss
  • Respond to What Matters
  • Adapt to Your Needs
FireEye Security and Forensics

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Endpoint Security

FireEye Endpoint Security defends against today’s cyber attacks by enhancing the best parts of legacy security products with FireEye technology, expertise and intelligence. Using a defense-in-depth model, the modular architecture of Endpoint Security unites default engines and downloadable modules to protect, detect and respond, and manage endpoint security.

To prevent common malware, Endpoint Security uses a signature-based endpoint protection platform (EPP) engine. To find threats for which a signature does not yet exist, MalwareGuard uses machine learning seeded with knowledge from the frontlines of cyber attacks. For attacks on exploits in common software and browsers, ExploitGuard uses a behavioral analysis engine that determines if an exploit is being used and stops it from executing. In addition, FireEye continuously creates modules to detect against attack techniques and accelerate responses to emerging threats.

  • In-Depth Protection
  • Advanced Threat Detection & Response
  • Real-Time Forensics
Endpoint Security

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The Cloudvisory Security Platform is the only complete Cloud Security Platform for AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Open Stack, and even traditional virtualized and bare metal environments. Unlike existing solutions that are based on virtualized and/or host-based firewalls. FireEye Cloudvisory leverages the Cloud Provider's existing cloud-native security controls to enforce workload micro-segmentation. Using cloud-native APIs for infrastructure and data flow discovery, Cloudvisory accelerates deployments, eliminates misconfiguration, and minimizes the overhead associated with managing least-privilege policies at scale.

  • Uniform Visibility
  • Security Compliance Monitoring
  • Augmented Governance with Machine Intelligence
FireEye Cloudvisory

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