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Tesseract’s Advisory Services provide the helpful hand your business needs to guide you through developing and maintaining your cybersecurity program. Tesseract’s Managed Services customers are designated a Program Advisory (PA) that is dedicated to your business. By understanding your unique business challenges and goals, your PA will leverage their cybersecurity expertise to guide you through your cybersecurity program to provide the right services to make your investment a success.

Advisory Services combine governance activities (risk assessment and strategic planning; policy writing and revision; security evaluation; training) with facilitation and oversight of routine cybersecurity activities. Get the advice you need how you need it, when you need it with Advisory Meetings, workshops and tabletops, and Advisory Articles.

Advisory Meetings

Get timely assistance with Advisory Meetings (average weekly). Your dedicated program advisor is regularly there to help you make the right decisions when it matters most.

Workshops & Tabletops

Advisory Workshops and Tabletops put you in the driver seat of your cybersecurity. Work through your cybersecurity program for improvements, annual training, resource planning, testing, and so much more with the help of your Program Advisor right by your side.

Ardalyst Learning Library

Access our library of Advisory Articles to dive deeper on some of the most relevant cybersecurity topics today. Filled with expert insight, how-tos, tips, and more, Advisory Articles help you replace uncertainty with understanding so you can be confident in your cybersecurity program.

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