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Ardalyst is dedicated to helping public and private organizations deliver cyber defense, enhance their cybersecurity posture, and expand their business. Your cyber program shouldn't be expensive or difficult to implement. We can help.

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  • Tesseract Managed Compliance Services
  • All-Threat Zero Trust Architecture
  • SOCs of the Future
  • Cyber Defense Technology
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  • Cyber Program Design
  • Concept of Operations
  • Concept of Employment
  • SOC Engineering
  • Incident Remediation
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Digital Transformation

  • Microsoft Cloud Modernization
  • Microsoft Dynamics Implementation
  • Microsoft PowerApps Development
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Compliance Made Easy

Ardalyst's Tesseract is your one-stop-shop for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to build a strong cyber defense for your business that not only meets NIST 800-171 and CMMC compliance but does so in a way that is tailored to meeting your goals and maturing your organization's cybersecurity.

Managed Programs

Cost-effective, comprehensive programs

Compliance Tools & Applications

Cutting-edge technologies at budget-friendly prices

Compliant Capabilities

Advisory services, helpdesk support, and more

Security Architecture

Your body has a brain, your cybersecurity has an architecture. Our program advisors work closely with you to understand your goals and the steps necessary to reach them. With this, we help you develop an architecture that tackles your security protocols and processes, roles and responsibilities, and the use of cyber defense technology to successfully address threats and mature your business for a more secure tomorrow.

All-Threat (Zero Trust)

Business Resilience & Counterthreat

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) of the Future

Layers of Monitoring

Integrated Risk Management

A Risk-Aware Approach

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Bring your architecture to life with a cybersecurity program from Ardalyst. Complete with the tools best suited to mitigate risks, a designated program advisor, incident response, and more, our cybersecurity programs ensure your investments are correctly integrated and continuously monitored for effectiveness.

Quality Partners for Quality Solutions

We've swapped a vast software catalog for the best software catalog, delivering top cyber defense tools from the industry's biggest brands. Each of our cyber defense technology partners was selected because they are the very best at delivering their respective solutions and in-turn help us deliver comprehensive tools to our customers.
Trellix Partner
Gigamon Partner
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Cyber Defense Technology

Ardalyst helps you understand the full requirements of securing your business and the budget required for each activity. In addition to the core Microsoft and FireEye technologies that underpin our cybersecurity programs, Ardalyst also recommends a number of third-party software, services, and capabilities and prices you won't find anywhere else.

Value Added Reselling

Our passion and purpose is helping our customers build resilient IT systems using cutting edge technologies. We empower customers by understanding their concerns, developing a comprehensive risk profile, recommending the tools best suited to mitigate risks, and ensuring investments are correctly integrated and continuously monitored for effectiveness.

Enclave Activation

Ardalyst’s Enclave Activation Services help you get your new cyber defense solutions across the finish line. We’ll help you configure the capabilities of your new software and set you up for success.

Explore Our Software Stack

Complete your security with an Ardalyst Cybersecurity Program. Combine the cyber defense tools best suited to mitigate risks, advisory services, incident response, and more, to ensure you get the best out of your investment.

Focusing On What Matters Most

The Ardalyst Difference
Aligned to You

We look at risk from the perspective of your mission to craft policies that meet you where you are to get you where you want to be with solutions that are the right price, the right fit, and on the right timeline.

Mission-Focused Approach

We help you build a compliant program informed by your unique business objectives so that you can develop the right policies and processes, the right team of experts, and the right architecture to accelerate your business, not slow it down.


We help you build and run cyber programs from end to end. Our advisors work with you to make sure your program covers the full spectrum of processes and policies, not just the ones that can be solved by technology.


We continuously monitor threat activities. Our curated approach is designed to help you naturally adapt and evolve so that you can be confident in your maturity.

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The time to protect your business is now, but not in a ``one-size-fits-all`` approach. Determining what solutions you need can be challenging. As with all of our offerings, we tailor our approach to your budget and unique needs. Set up a complimentary evaluation and planning session with one of our professionals today.

Client Testimonials

''Ardalyst became what felt like a partner in bettering our company. They took the time to understand our company's technology and personnel, then helped build ways to move us to the next level as an organization.''
James D. Sales Manager; Advertising Agency