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Enhance your Tesseract Cybersecurity Program with add-on IT Support & Helpdesk Services
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Developing and maintaining your cybersecurity is no easy feat. It can put significant strain on your existing IT resources and your budget. Tesseract’s managed IT Support and Helpdesk Services help you better handle the additional day-to-day and week-to-week activities that your cyber program requires.

Ardalyst provides two service options to deliver just the right level of your support to help your business, both of which include partnering with any current Managed Service Providers (MSP) to ensure that you have the best support possible to enable your business’ success.

IT Support & Helpdesk Service Plans

IT Support and Helpdesk

Dedicated IT Resource(s)

We'll provide a dedicated IT resource(s) who understands your business and your goals to partner in helping you achieve success at a fraction of the cost of staffing internal security operations.
IT Support and Helpdesk

Helpdesk Access

Recover faster and get back to doing what you do best. Our Helpdesk team is standing by, ready to provide knowledgeable, professional support to answer your questions and resolve your issues for less waiting and more productivity.
Enhance Productivity & Efficiency

Get back to what you do best. Additional IT support helps ensure that you're not only able to stay on top of critical cybersecurity program maintenance but that the ball doesn't drop in other areas to do so, keeping workloads manageable and your business productive.

Made to Fit Your Needs

Pick the plan that works best for you, whether that's the relationship and support of a dedicated IT resource or the convenience and depth of expertise from the Ardalyst Helpdesk.

Budget-Friendly Expertise

Expertise has never come cheap, but now, it's coming affordably. Supplement your IT team at a fraction of the cost of internal staffing.

24/7 Ticket Submission

Crisis doesn't wait on our schedule. Our Customer Support Portal offers 24/7 ticketing so that you can submit tickets whenever issues arise and be confident that help is on the way.

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