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At Ardalyst, we understand a “one size fits all” approach is not the answer to maturing your cybersecurity posture. We provide you a tailored plan based on a selection of options and work closely with your team to identify the needs and desires unique to your business and budget. Ardalyst Managed Defense focuses on six areas we consider key to a comprehensive cyber security program.



Ensure your organization is doing the right things to develop and maintain up-to-date policies and procedures that help you maintain compliance with changing regulations.



Implement capabilities that reduce your vulnerabilities and make it difficult for the adversary to access and compromise your environment.


Leverage tools that increase your knowledge of threats and help your organization rapidly identify and respond to them.



Use system administration and helpdesk capabilities in a security-aware and compliant manner.


Migrate and develop applications on a modernized, protected environment that secures and streamlines your operations.


Test and assess the effectiveness of your practices and your people to identify and mitigate gaps in your program.

Ardalyst will work together with you to assess the current state of your cybersecurity program and develop a roadmap toward full maturity at a pace and cost that meets your goals.

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I need immediate incident response services.

Our team brings decades of experience on the frontlines of cybersecurity. Ardalyst will conduct rapid remediation steps to determine what has occurred, its impact on your business operations, and how it was achieved, then mitigate the vulnerabilities exploited and eject the unwanted entities from affected systems. We also work with FireEye to offer best-in-class Mandiant incident response services for severe incidents, i.e. when the most advanced persistent threat groups have showed up in your enterprise. Call us at 833-682-8270. Get Started Today

I need a vulnerability assessment.

Looking to ensure you’re keeping your customers’ information secure? No problem. An organization with a good vulnerability management program that includes vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and red teaming, is setting themselves up to be stronger and more resilient against adversaries. Ardalyst has the expertise to employ any and all of these techniques to help enhance your risk management. Schedule Your Assessement

I need help getting ready for CMMC.

The DoD’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification is rolling out. To remain competitive, government contractors must assess their cybersecurity infrastructure now to determine how to become compliant. Ardalyst can help. While CMMC may seem daunting, we firmly believe that it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive to achieve. Schedule Your Free Planning Session

Enterprise Services

Call Center Development

Ardalyst application developers are longtime experts in Microsoft Dynamics and specialize in the automation of complex processes in sophisticated environments. We can help you design and implement a system that manages your call center, including the use of Dynamics Portals and Unified Service Desk to provide your agents and your customers access to the right information at the right time. From franchise and multi-company organizations, to utilities, to federal, state and local government systems, we bring clarity and efficiency to your business.

SOC Operations

In a world in which advanced technology infiltrates every field from business to education to finance, cybersecurity isn’t just good practice; it is vital to protecting your business interests. To effectively defend against today’s advanced threats, organizations need proactive, enhanced threat detection and response capabilities. For large organizations, building and running dedicated internal security operations centers (SOCs) is a must.  Ardalyst has the expertise and partnerships needed to bring large-scale, integrated SOCs that can deliver nation-state level capabilities to your organization.

Application Replatforming

Modernizing an IT infrastructure to meet current business and security objectives can be hampered by legacy applications that are necessary for today’s operations but don’t align with future goals and strategies. Ardalyst can help you remove technical debt by re-platforming your business applications, including hosting applications in Microsoft Azure or rebuilding the applications using PowerApps, PowerBI, and Dynamics.  These are easier to build, easier to maintain, easier to secure, and easier to defend than ever before.

Adversary Emulation

An organization with a good vulnerability management program that includes vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and red teaming, is setting themselves up to be stronger and more resilient against adversaries. Vulnerability scanning aims to identify weaknesses in your network, while penetration testing actively seeks to exploit as many vulnerabilities as it can find. A red team is similar to penetration testing but more focused. It attempts to test your detection and response capabilities, which challenges not just your network defenses but your people as well. Each approach has its benefits, and Ardalyst has the expertise to employ any and all of these techniques to help enhance your risk management.


Bringing together subject matter experts from across an organization to discuss ideas and problems can be a daunting proposition, but the organization that can manage productive conflict is the organization that will walk away with the best solution. Through facilitated discussion, Ardalyst personnel have proven experience in delivering concepts of employment for next generation cybersecurity technologies for organizations – such as the U.S. Navy – with multiple partners and globally-distributed representatives.  These collaborations result in the best ideas being heard and implemented and a sense of ownership and pride throughout the organization.

RMF Engineering

Risk management is a key element in an organization’s cybersecurity program. Understanding risk allows you to make bold decisions that benefit your business. Ardalyst’s Risk Management Framework (RMF) experts use resources such as CNSSI 1253, DoD 8510.01, JSIG, and NIST SP 800-53A to determine the extent to which security controls are implemented correctly, operate as intended, and produce the desired outcome. Ardalyst evaluates the three security objectives and categorizes the level of risk based on RMF criteria. We determine the impact values for the information type processed, stored, transmitted, or protected by the information system and articulate that in terms of how it affects your business.

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