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A Celedon client has been using Microsoft CRM Online for some time now. They have gone through multiple upgrades and are now on the 2016 release. They are in the process of testing and rolling out the Microsoft Outlook CRM add-in and found an issue when trying to track emails for new contacts. This problem doesn’t occur when the contact already exists in the system. Additionally, this is a new issue and didn’t occur in prior versions of CRM Online. I cannot reproduce this a new instance of CRM Online either, so it appears this is related to CRM online going through multiple updates. Using CRM Outlook tracing, I was able to find the following error:

Principal user is missing prvReadConvertRule privilege

There are multiple blogs on the error, but none of the potential solutions resolved the problem. It turned out that the missing permission, read on Convert Rule maps to the entity Case Creation Rule. This is a system entity and permissions cannot be set (or viewed), but the permissions are incorporated as part of the Case entity.

This organization had read permissions for this entity already set but at the user level. Increasing this permission to the organization level resolved this problem. If that does not resolve the permission problem for you, here are a couple of potential alternative solutions others found helpful:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upgrades and Custom Security Roles

Auto Creating CRM Leads or Contacts from Incoming Outlook Emails or Meeting Requests


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